How many runs will the Club score at Buckingham Park this season?

Who will win the £150 Spin to Win top prize?

There are 23 games due to be played at Buckingham Park, in league and T20 matches, that will count towards the total.


No one knows how well the teams will do and how many games will be rained off, but it will create valuable funds for the club and help improve facilities.

Based on the senior teams’ seasons so far, if all remaining games are played, the current prediction for the total runs is:


As the season progresses we’ll update the predicted total. Visit this page for updates.

First prize will be

£150 for the closest

with other prizes…

Make your predictions early to get the numbers you want. Once the numbers are selected and paid for, that’s it they are yours. No new entries after 31st July, making the final month of scores a nail-biting watch!

Spin to Win entry


How many runs will the Club score at Buckingham Park this season?

If you are providing your own predictions, remember to add these in the ‘Your Spin to Win predictions’ section on the Checkout page.

One prediction per entry. If you don’t add them there, you will be assigned predictions by the Randomiser.

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  • If the correct number is not selected the nearest numbers will win, in the event of 2 numbers being equally split the winnings will be divided.
  • ‘Spin to Win’ is open to everyone over 16, selected and available numbers will be online and shown in the newsletter with the predicted outcome based on performance to date.
  • Numbers can be purchased from the website or by card payments at events.
  • If your chosen number has already been selected you will receive the closest next available number.
  • If you spin to win the range will be selected from available numbers within a normal standard deviation of the club’s predicted score. This predicted score and range may change based on the performance of the teams. If a match is cancelled for any reason no score will be recorded, if a match is abandoned any runs scored by SCC will be recorded.
  • 40% of all takings will be awarded in prizes with the surplus going to the club.
  • No new predictions will be accepted after 31st July 2021, winner will be announced after the last league game of the season.