Jim Walker was a lifelong member of Southwick Cricket Club up to his passing in 2019. Over the course of his life he was a player, coach, manager, chairman, president and even electrician for the club – and fondly remembered by all those who were fortunate to have known him.

‘Jumping Jim’ was known for his sense of fun, and his continually encouraging and supportive presence across all club matters. This support was was remembered as being especially helpful to a young committee at the time; in a fitting speech by Adam Walter at the unveiling of a memorial plaque dedicated to Jim, held at the clubhouse on 8th August this year. Jim’s wife Sally was present, along with sons John and Richard.

Donations in his honour have provided numerous bags of kit for the Colts – Jim was coach to the Colts for a number of years. Jim was a big part of the club and will be remembered by all who knew him.