How many runs will the 1st XI and 2nd XI score during their matches on Saturday 9th July this season?

Who will win the £150 top prize?

Saturday 9th July Fixtures

Southwick 1st XI are at home to Preston Nomads 3rd XI.
The 2nd XI are away at to Portslade 4th XI.

Based on available league match data for the 1sts and 2nds from the 2021 season, the average total for joint runs scored in one match was


In 2021, the 1sts highest and lowest runs scores were

183 & 33

The 2nds highest and lowest runs scores were

186 & 46

Each guess costs £5 – have as many as you like. The winner gets £150 minimum, perhaps more, depending on the pot. If you select a total that someone already has, you will get the next highest number.

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Guess the Runs entry


How many total runs will Southwick CC’s 1sts and 2nds score in their matches on Saturday 9th July?

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  • If the correct number is not selected the nearest numbers will win, in the event of 2 numbers being equally split the winnings will be divided.
  • ‘Guess the Runs’ is open to everyone over 16. Selected and available numbers will be shown online, updated periodically.
  • Numbers can be purchased from the website or by card payments at events.
  • If your chosen number has already been selected you will receive the next closest available higher number.
  • If either or both matches on 9th July are cancelled or abandoned for any reason, the competition will happen the following weekend.
  • 40% of all takings will be awarded in prizes with the surplus going to the club.
  • No new guesses will be accepted after 8th July 2022, winner will be announced after the matches on the day.